Turning Point of Life.

We are also glad to put on record that this year eight Students of Panchsheel Ashram School, have been admitted in Nagpur at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology.

They have chosen different branches, some of them selected for Architecture, Electronics Engineer ( I T), other Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

This is another milestone in the history of Panchsheel.

This is happened first time.

No other schools like us take such initiatives.  This is important to share here.

Great Success of Tribal student of Panchsheel Ashram School.

We are very excited and happy to share the Good News that one of our Tribal Students, named Rohit Ramsingh Thakre, stood First in the exam of Secondary School Examination of Tribal Department, he is No. 1 in Five Projects of 12 Districts, This is really a big achievement.

He has been awarded Cash Prize of Rs. 35,000/- Rohit gives this credit to teachers and the management of school, providing best opportunity for the students of tribal denomination.

All Panchsheel School students and staff are proud.

We in Germany are very proud as well. CONGRATULATONS!!!

Time has come to say Final Good Bye to dear Friends of Germany.

Danke Schone to every one who helped us in Germany.

We are grateful to all the friends, I want to put on record the kind help of Ingrid and Markus Kamer family, Prof. Claudia Ossburge, Jugen Gemen and Dr. Marion, Sandra, Martin, Konrad Kuiter family, Elizabeth her family, most loving and dear Hani Gemen, Willi, David, Simon and Claudia the lady who gave us room in her house.

Last but not the least the Architect of our journey, the man who always was kind to us and most respected Stefan.

Great Time in Freren.

We had fruitful time Freren.

Presentation about New Felix Sport Academy was presented with new news of Panchsheel to the friends of Gerd and Gabi and friends of Dr. Stefan Gemen.  There was also time to the friends for asking questions.

We give our thanks from the bottom of heart to Stefan and Gerd and Gabi and Claudia and of course David.

Special thanks to  Paul who created this valuablee web page.

Erfolgreicher Schulabschluss!

Wir sind froh und auch stolz, dass von unseren Schülern im Wissenschaftlichen Zweig 100% und im Künstlerischen Zweig 94% ihren Abschluss nach der 12. Klasse geschafft haben! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

From darkness to real life

We have selected 14 tribal students for joint entrance examination for engineering (JEE). Tomorrow they have exam. Tuli group of Guru  Nanak technology college confirmed admission after exam, Panchsheel Ashram school Bahiram will bear financial burden.

Sub Division Magistrate Sir addressing our students on the last day of preparations.