Thank you for your interest in the Panchsheel Home projects!

On the pages of this site you found out how Mr Gawai and his colleagues have succeeded in giving many Indian children not only food, shelter and a safe place to sleep, but also a future by education.

Even though the school can now be described as a complete success, the work never ceases. Again and again, improvements, renovations or upgrades have to be made in order to continue to provide many urgently needed material and immaterial goods to many children.
If you are interested in supporting the project, please write to us. We also provide a donation address at this point, donation receipts can of course be exhibited.

Contact details for anyone in UK are:

Drs. Arun and Rita Aggarwal
phone: 0044 1487 710668,

UK taxpayer donations can attract Aid tax relief
Donations can be sent to Christians Aware Leicester
Bank details are: sort code 40 52 40, account 00011934,

plus please send email to, so we can identify with Christians Aware that those funds are earmarked for Panchsheel

Spendenkonto Messdiener St. Lambertus Ochtrup
(Volksbank Ochtrup)
Purpose „Indienhilfe“
IBAN: DE75401646180015051941

For donation receipts, please contact Mrs. Birgit Potthoff, parish office St. Lambertus Ochtrup by phone (+49 2553 97150) or via mail ( stlambertus-ochtrup @

On behalf of all people involved in the projects:
Thank You Very Much !

Stefan Gemen