Our students continue to be successful!

Dear Panchsheel Family friends, glad to share with you that our Board Result of 12th standard declared by government, and all our students of Panchsheel school are successful, our result is 100% of Science Faculty and 96% of Art Faculty. 9 tribal students scored more than 76% in each subject. This has become possible because of your concern and continued support, it’s big achievement for our tribal Community. Thank you.

Excellant Performance by our Students in Sports.

We are happy to share that our four teams of Kho-kho and Valleyball, won the finals continuously at internal school level, then at district level and at Divisional Level, this is a great achievement and we congratulate as well as thank Gade sir and his co worker Ms. Kinake for leading the team at three levels.

We are also glad to report that now these four teams will play at State Level, this is an honour and big achievement for our project . We wish that they will also perform nicely at State Level. Congratulations to all the students who participated in a such great event.

Visit of our Visionary – strength of Panchsheel Family.

We were fortunate to welcome our Visionary and Strength of Panchsheel Family, Dr. Stefan Gemen. He was with us for more than 10 days from 20th December, 2018 till 31st December, with Madam Inge and Amelie. It was a great joy for all of us to see them in our midst. It was a blessed time with our beloved extended Gemen family. During their visit we could inaugurate the Felix Sport Academy as well as Annual Function Day of our Felix School.

The visit was an Eye Opener for us that they gave us many suggestions to improve the quality of education as well as new developments of Panchsheel Ashram School and other activities, that our Mother Project should stand as a Pilot Project giving motivation to others.

Dr. Stefan Gemen also inspected the New School Building of Felix Convent School which is in progress and expressed his satisfaction.

He also shared with us that Mr. Ansgar Kuiter and Jurgen Schonhoff will help our project.

Another news was shared by Ms. Marion Gemen that Family Lutgeharm from Pattensen is going to help us due to the funeral of their mother, this was really a touching news for all of us that there are families who think of marginalized. We all here Salute to Family Lutgeharm.

We are happy to put kind words for our friend Mr. Paul who is always very helpful and add more news and photos at the site, we are deeply grateful to Paul.