Our Big Achievement Tribal Students Admitted in Nagpur

Report about Engineering Students

Panchsheel Ashram School Bahiram came into existence in 1998 for Primary classes. The sprout of this school sown by Educational and Society Paratwada. Now it is flowering into Secondary school, higher secondary school and Skill Development Centre where every year, near about 550-600 students from poor tribal families which are unaware about the word ‘Education’ are taking education in this school.

The students come from small remote villages and poor families who cannot afford better education, the school fulfills all the needs of these students, the school provide meal thrice a day, books, notebooks, other educational and daily needs. The school not only provides good quality meal and better educational environment but also look after for their higher education. The school encourages the students for higher education like Nursing and Engineering etc. this school has taken a responsibility of 10 Engineering Students to complete their education by providing them all necessary things, financial and moral support. We are happy to report that following tribal students are admitted in Engineering College.

NiteshRajuSawalkar had been sent to the Engineering at Wainganga Engineering College, Nagpur. He is taking education in Electronics and Telecommunications. He got 67.00 % marks in First year engineering, 66.00 % marks in second year Engineering and 56.00 % marks in third year Engineering. He needs a year to get Degree of Engineering. After getting the degree, he will surly get good salary job. Last year, Nine students are admitted in Guru Nanak Institute of Technology for Engineering at Nagpur, they are

  1. NehaSautkar (Civil Engineering)
2. VaishnaviDhote (Information and Technology)
3. SnehalGawai (Information and Technology)
4. RajaniBethekar (Electrical Engineering)
5. RoshniJamunkar (Computer Science)
6. JayramTandilkar (Computer Science)
7. SanghadipGawai (Electrical Engineering)
8. Ajay Kasdekar (Electrical Engineering)
9. AvinashBelsare (Civil Engineering)

Once in a month, one of the teachers visits at Nagpur to know the difficulties of the students and try to solve their difficulties.

The students who cannot afford the costly higher education, the school has taken all the responsibilities. The school spends all the expenses required for education of the each engineering students.

There are nearly about 50 tribal schools in Dharni project, as we know that no school helps the students to complete their further higher education and the facilities provided by the school. No school takes the responsibilities of the higher education such as engineering, nursing of the tribal students. But Panchsheelschool is interested to educate the tribal students by providing all the facilities, so that they can earn their bread and help their families and society in particular.

In this way, the school changes the life of poor and tribal students by educating them.

This is the only PANCHSHEEL TRIBAL SCHOOL in entire state is admitted students for higher studies like Nursing and Engineering.

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